Upcoming Events

07-09 June 2023 : SedaDNA Meeting, Potsdam, Germany. Local organizing committee: Ulrike Herzschuh, Kathleen Stoof-Leichsenring, Liv Heinecke. Co-organized with the PaleoEcoGen PAGES working group. Save the date!

27-1 December 2022 : Session 'Molecular applications and perspectives on modern and Quaternary environmental systems' at IAL-IPA2 at Bariloche, Argentina. Conveners: David Harning (INSTAR, USA), Bárbara Moguel (UNAM, Mexico) and Kathleen Stoof-Leichsenring (AWI, Germany). Submission deadline is 22 July 2022.

Monthly Recurring Events

The Pacific seminar series organized by Jamie Wood (ACAD, Adelaide, Australia). It will provide members in Pacific region timezones the opportunity to present their research and watch seminars live during daytime hours. All members of the society, irrespective of where they are in the world, are welcome to join and watch. And, if anyone is interested in presenting as part of this series please contact Jamie at

The (under)graduate students seminar series organized by Kevin Nota (MPI-EVA, Leipzig, Germany). Monthly seminars, where students can give short presentations, ask questions, and socialize with peers. Since we are covering the whole globe with the society, we have split up the meetings into two time zones, with each zone having a local coordinator. We will have the meeting on the first Thursday of every month. To be added to the mailing list, contact one of the following coordinators:

Americas: Jordan Von Eggers (University of Wyoming)

Europe/Africa: Inès Barrenechea (University of Geneva)

Special issues

Find here more information about sedaDNA Special Issues.

In the journal Diversity "Revealing the Puzzle of the Past through Ancient Biomolecules: From Wild to Tame Faunal Diversity"

In the journal Freshwater Biology "Interpreting environmental and evolutionary change in freshwater systems using DNA preserved in sediments"

In the journal AIMS Microbiology "Progress in paleomicrobial ecology research"

Pasts Events

16 August 2022 Seminar by Jamie Wood 'A virtual polar fieldtrip: ancient DNA from Antarctic terrestrial sediments' 07-10 August 2022 Session sedaDNA at SIL2022 'Studying the long-term dynamic of freshwater ecosystems through sedimentary DNA research: a potential tool for management and conservation' 14 July 2022 Seminar by Vilma Pérez 'Using sedimentary ancient DNA to assess the historical changes of prokaryotic communities in the Gippsland Lakes' 05-07 June 2022 Workshop 'Sedimentary ancient DNA: Introduction and current advances', Madison, USA 14-20 May 2022, Session 'Deciphering past aquatic ecosystem dynamics using sedimentary ancient DNA' at AMQUA2022, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA 21 April 2022 PaleoEcoGen Webinar by Allison Stegner 'Tracking abrupt ecological change in the Quaternary fossil record' 24 March 2022 PaleoEcoGen Webinar by Gavin Simpson 'Detecting change in palaeoecological time series, old and new' 24 February 2022 PaleoEcoGen Webinar by Zofia Taranu 'Detecting critical transitions and signals of changing resilience from paleo-ecological records: a multivariate approach' 27 January 2022 PaleoEcoGen Webinar by Charline Giguet-Covex 'Spatial variability of Past Trajectories of alpine ecosystems' 16 December 2021 Seminar by Eric Capo 'A full-year of trying to recover sediment ancient metagenomes from the Baltic Sea: torn between fun and despair' 17 November 2021 Seminar by Yucheng Wang 'Reconstructing 50,000 years Arctic environmental history using ancient eDNA' 05 October 2021 Bioinformatics workshop at Uppsala (Sweden) 04 October 2021 Mini-Symposium 'Recovering DNA from sedimentary archives' at Uppsala (Sweden) 09 June 2021 First Symposium of the African sedaDNA working group 17 June 2021 Seminar by Bárbara Moguel 'Metagenomic analysis of Lake Chalco sediments reveals large taxonomic diversity providing insights into the Holocene of Central Mexico' 20 May 2021 Seminar by Viviane Slon 'Identifying ancient human mitochondrial DNA in Pleistocene sediment' and Benjamin Vernot 'DNA in cave sediments reveals Neandertal population history' 28 April 2021 Session sedaDNA at EGU21 'Reconstruction of past ecosystems using sedimentary ancient DNA: Applications, method developments, analytic pipelines and data management' 14 April 2021 Seminar by Jill Pelto 'Science Communication Through Art' 18 March 2021 Seminar by Hussein Kanbar 'The effect of lake sediment geochemistry on DNA binding' 18 February 2021 Seminar by Rebecca Garner 'Sediment metagenomes as time capsules of lake microbiomes' 01 February 2021 Creation of the sedaDNA scientific society.